Laptop Computers vs Desktop Computers

What we’ve seen in Brisbane anyway, due to the advancement in computer technology, there are now a lot of gadgets that you can use on a daily basis. Owning a laptop or desktop computer is important especially if your work requires checking online or producing paper works that needs to be processed with a use of a gadget. All your office work will be easy with the help of a good computer unit and good antivirus, read more information about how to remove virus from you computer at Depending on your need there is surely an advantage on using a laptop or a desktop computer to assist you on your needs. We took the insight of Malcom, who works for a Brisbane based computer repairs team.

If you need to travel or you always go on business trip and you want to bring your work with you then having a laptop computer can provide you with great advantage. It is able to provide you with all the features that any good desktop computer but you can just use it on limited time. This is not as heavy duty as your regular desktop computer. It is portable and perfect for presentation and for carry on different location but you still need to own a desktop computer if you need to work on your project for long hours.

Besides the limited hours of usage most of the laptop computer can’t be upgraded like the desktop computer can. If you want to install new software or if you need to update your programs there is a good chance that you can no longer install it on your unit because it is no longer compatible. So you need to buy a new unit just to be able to use the new …

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